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[[streaming<<<<]] Stream: San Antonio Spurs vs Sacramento Kings Live 2 April 2023

White ran a methodical pick and roll, then pulled up from the elbow and swished it. Jakob Poeltl scored a few more tough rollers inside, and DeMar took it to the rack with force a few more times. The Kings called timeout down 65-51 with 1:53 left in the half, going over two minutes without a point. Sacramento finally ended that stretch, but DeRozan answered on the drive once again. The Spurs led 69-53 at halftime. HALF: Spurs lead 69-53Rudy: 13p, 4r, 1sDeMar: 12p, 7a, 2r, 1bDerrick: 11p, 3r, 2a, 1sJak: 9p, 8r, 1bPatty: 9p, 5a, 2sKeldon: 7p, 3r, 1aDejounte: 7p, 5r, 3a, 1sGorgui: 1pDevin: 1rSpurs hit 9-18 from deep, 18 team assists, good defense— Tom Petrini (@RealTomPetrini) April 1, 2021 At halftime, the Spurs announced that newly-acquired Gorgui Dieng sprained his right shoulder and would not return to the game.

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Drew Eubanks came back in instead. Dejounte Murray got to the line, then DeMar DeRozan hit another mid-range j. Murray caught it open at the arc, drove in, and slipped a slick feed to Eubanks for a hang-time dunk with some extra juice on it. DeRozan hit another turnaround jumper, giving him 26 points and giving the Spurs an 18-point advantage with three minutes left. Keldon tossed a lob to Dejounte to put a disrespectful cherry on top, but it missed in a way that sounded like the universe saying to take it back just a notch. Pop called his starters back and spent garbage time on development. Third quarter DeMar DeRozan hit four mid-range jumpers in a row, in an unreal zone. Derrick White added to his growing three-point total, Keldon Johnson scored a few at the rim, and Dejounte Murray knocked down a shot and a circus layup backwards in traffic. San Antonio shot 9-10 to start the half blazing hot, building their lead out to 23.

San Antonio missed eight shots in a row, but Derrick White added a few more free throws and a floater to keep the lead at 15. They built the lead to 17 with free throws for Eubanks, which they needed after getting just one bucket in the first five minutes of the fourth. They shot 1-10 to start the fourth after starting 9-10 to start the third. With over 5 minutes left, the Kings began intentionally fouling Jakob Poeltl, playing the percentages that he'd miss enough free throws, and he air-balled two in a row. This would have been a great time for newly-acquired stretch 5 Gorgui Dieng, but he left a few minutes into his debut with a sprained shoulder.

DeRozan is excited to work with him once he gets healthy and gets into the fold, which hopefully won't take too long. "It's definitely gonna be fun, his capability on both ends is definitely gonna help us a lot. It sucks that first day on the job he got hurt, " he said. "Give him a couple more days to really understand what we run, how we play, so the next time he gets out there, he'll be a lot more comfortable. " Recap Fourth quarter Patty Mills used a veteran move to get three free throws hitting them all to put the Spurs up 100-84 with just over 10 minutes to play.

"He's proven how valuable he can be each and every game, whether it's screening, whether it's rolling, whether it's on the ball, whether it's deflecting shots, blocks, all these types of things, he's becoming one of those bigs that's just all over the place, and or our team, what we have right now, it's exactly what we need. He's starting to feel it out and be very impactful in every game. If he makes a free throw every now and again, we'll take it. " It's the same Hack a Shaq strategy Coach Pop used on another center years ago, just Hack a Jak. The other team can take your whole offense out of rhythm if you're in the bonus and they can target the one guy on the floor who can't cash in from the charity stripe. The solution for the rest of the year should be Dieng when he truly begins playing with this team, as he's 6'11" with a mythical 7'4" wingspan, plus he's hitting over 88% from the line as he threatens an even more mythical 50-50-90 shooting split. Even after spraining his shoulder, he still moved super fluidly on defense.

"Everybody doing their part, that's when we're at our best, it's unstoppable, " he said. San Antonio scored 69 first half points and hit 9-10 to start the third quarter, putting them up 88-67. Then Buddy Hield hit three triples in a row, and after that the Spurs managed just three made baskets from the floor from about four minutes left in the third to about four minutes left in the fourth. Not an ideal turn of events, one that would prove fatal to many teams, including this one depending on the night.

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